Stem på Atakan for rektor på UiB i 2013

Universitetet i Bergen skal bidra til utvikling av samfunnet gjennom kunnskap og visdom. Sapientia et scientia societas crescit.

Our Core Values

These are our core values upon which our platform will be built. More details will be made available in the next weeks and months. Download our brochure as a PDF.

At the core of our academic values is a long tradition of research-based education
driven by the inquisitive, open-minded and empirical pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of society.

As an independent institution of research and higher education, the University of Bergen plays a critical role in the development of society. Our autonomy guarantees an objective and impartial approach to the pursuit of knowledge, a critical component of a free society.

We wish to further consolidate the University of Bergen ́s international reputation as a leading research institution by seeking to advance knowledge not just on the local and regional levels, but nationally and internationally as well.

We value research and education equally. A close interaction between research and education with the collaboration and active participation of both staff and students is the strength of our University.

Academic excellence is central to our research and education. The further enhancement of our striving for quality is fundamentally important to the workings of the University as a whole.

The University of Bergen is a comprehensive research university. We value the range and diversity of our disciplines, appreciating each subject for its unique contribution to the understanding of our world.

Innovative research. In order to meet the challenges of the future, we need a long- term research strategy that is multi-disciplinary and enjoys the active contribution and collaboration of stakeholders from both private industry and civil society.

We envision the University of Bergen as the leading Norwegian university for digital research and education, promoting solutions that respect the specific profile and needs of each discipline.

Research facilities, databases and data collections are foundations for research. We need to ensure that each discipline has the required facilities, technological support and tools to fulfill their specific needs. Laboratories, libraries, scientific and cultural data collections at the University museum and in the Library are important prerequisites for our research.

We want to promote the career opportunities of our talented young researchers through an environment that further cultivates and enhances their skills through better recruitment procedures, mentoring and providing a faster track towards permanent positions.

Students are our future! We believe in our students and know that our mutual progress and improvement depends on young, intellectual and reflected people with a solid educational background who possess the required analytical and theoretical skills to master the challenges of the future.

We believe in “bildung” (liberal arts) as foundational of higher education and aim to foster critical reflection. We believe that this broader awareness and critical reflection are keys for our students to tackle major challenges that lie ahead, whether local or global.

Human resources are our biggest assets! We see the University as an integrated whole where academic, technical and administrative staffs have equally important and complementary roles for the well-functioning of the University. Open and fair recruitment processes and career development opportunities are necessary to enhance the quality of our staff.

We value the diversity of our human resources. Our staff and students from international backgrounds are very valuable and bring important perspectives and experiences to our work and milieu.

We will fight for equal opportunities in all dimensions. The University will always struggle to provide a safe and secure working and learning environment, with a special focus on catering for those with disabilities.

We value democratic principles in all governing bodies and an organizational culture based on transparency in the decision making process. Open communication, dialogue and active community participation are essential in upholding these principles.

We stand for ethical values and academic integrity. The reputation of the university is built on mutual confidence and trust in our staff and students. Ethical considerations and academic integrity are fundamental pillars for our academic enterprise.

Our University is a scientific and cultural powerhouse for the city of Bergen. We will further refine our libraries, art collections and museums in order to promote them as important arenas for both academic and public engagement.